Croatia Yacht Charters (sailing or motor yacht)

Our Croatia yacht charter options are a great way to see more of Croatia in the same amount of time as the larger cruises, but with a smaller yacht. Almost all our yacht charters in Croatia are 7 nights from Saturday to Saturday.

One-way Croatia charters are limited so please do get your enquiry in as quickly as possible to ensure the yacht you want is available for you.

Cabin charter: We have a number of cabin charters available on single hull sailing yachts and gulets, listed on our Cabin Charter page. These sell out really quickly, as there's usually maximum 8 or 10 passengers per ship.

The 2 yachts listed below include half-board, marina and port fees, and are just an example of the hundreds we have available, so do please 'make an enquiry' and then let us know your requirements, so we can find the best yacht available for your needs. 

We have more specific listings of the costs of chartering an entire Gulet or Yacht  on our Yacht Charter information page here:  Charter Costs Information

For cabins on small cruise ships, check out our 'Cruises' page.

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