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Croatia is well connected with long-distance buses between all cities. Major bus stations in Split and Dubrovnik are right near the main ferry and cruise ports, so the bus routes are ideal for ongoing connections to the local islands.

Europe is well connected to Croatia by bus as well, particularly travelling from Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia or Montenegro.

GetbyBus has a great website with tickets available online and in advance:

FlixBus also has great routes, including Venice to Zagreb and Venice to Ljubljana.


A great site with information about how to get between areas worldwide is Rome2Rio:


Bus is the most used form of public transportation in Croatia, as the country has an extensive network of long distance, intercity and international buses. All routes are operated by private bus companies, who have been issued licences to serve specific routes.

The main bus hubs in Croatia are Zagreb, Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, from those cities you can reach most other cities in Croatia.

International buses to and from Croatia:
From Croatia there are year-round connections to Germany, Austria, Italy, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and even Sweden.

During summer season, especially July and August, there is a large number of additional summer holiday bus routes to the Adriatic coast, from almost any country in Europe.

From Countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and the UK, there are a wide range of coach holidays to cities along the Adriatic coast.

Quality of bus service in Croatia:
Meanwhile the bus fleet in Croatia is quite new. Most long distance buses are equipped with comfortable seating and air-conditioning. The newest and most modern buses usually serve the most popular routes like Zagreb to Rijeka or Split.

Not all drivers speak English or other foreign languages, which can lead to misunderstanding in certain cases, but generally it’s not a problem in relation to travelling. The majority of the drivers are friendly and willing to help e.g. if you are not sure where to get off the bus.

Prices of bus service in Croatia:
Compared to other means of transport bus is fairly cheap and sometimes return tickets with same bus company are discounted with up to 50% for the returning leg ticket.

Discounted tickets are usually available for children, students and pensioners but the rules and discount schemes vary from company to company, so check before you book.

Buying a ticket:
Obviously the easiest way to buy a ticket is here on Getbybus.com, alternatively it is possible to buy ticket at the main bus stations (Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik) and in some cases also on the bus. Be aware that you are obliged to carry your ticket with you during the journey.

If you buy your ticket on the bus, make sure that the ticket is issued by the ticket machine which most buses have these days.

Good to know when travelling on a bus in Croatia:
If you carry luggage for the hold, you will be charged an extra fee of about 1-2 Euro per piece.
During summer season buses can be delayed due to heavy traffic.
During summer season there is normally no options to bring a bicycle.

Other Bus/Coach links:

Buses from the Zagreb region can be found here: Autobusni Kolodvor ZAGREB

Buses from (and to) the Split region can be found here: Autobusni Kolodvor SPLIT

Buses from the Dubrovnik region can be found here: Libertas DUBROVNIK

** We have no affiliation with any of these bus companies and cannot be held responsible for any delays or no shows if you choose to use them. We provide this information as a free service only. Any bookings you make are between you and the bus companies and we recommend that you do your own research to find reviews on any company that you choose to book with.

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