Romantic Star – Deluxe Cruise Ship

MV Romantic Star - Deluxe Ship (DLX)


The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea is regarded as one of the most beautiful in the world. It is characterized by dramatic cliffs, sheltered coves, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and hundreds of unspoilt islands.

The MS Romantic Star, launched in 2016, was built to the highest standards in small cruise ships. At 46m long she has plenty of room on board for spacious cabins, restaurant, sun deck and outdoor salon. Whilst aboard the MV Romantic Star during the day you can swim, sunbathe and explore the underworld of the Adriatic Sea. In the evenings, step ashore at fascinating ports to discover the rich culture and history and dine at local restaurants to enjoy traditional cuisine in truly romantic settings.

Cabin information

Cabins are made under new standards,each cabin has Airconditioning, LCD TV, safe deposit box, fire alarm, internal communication system between room and bar (for announcements from captain or tourleader), lifejackets, cupboard, cabinet, small table with chair and porthole or small window. Luggage space is under the bed.

Bathrooms are equipped with WC, shower, wash basin, and hairdryer. Cabins are sound-proof and each cabin has fire- proof doors.

Most of the cabins have in door passage to the bar and restaurant.

Main Deck
4 twin bed cabins
6 double bed cabins

Lower Deck
3 twin bed cabins
5 double bed cabins