Oceanis 48 Sailing Yacht

Oceanis 48 Single-Hull Sailing Yacht - Croatia


Oceanis 48 – Single-hull Sailing Yacht

The Oceanis 48 Sailing Yacht is one of the most generously sized in this category. They have a large cockpit area, providing you with the most room possible to relax outdoors. There is ample deck space for laying out and enjoying the sun, with an unfolding transom, which provides a large swimming platform for getting into and out of the water.

The Oceanis 48 yacht we use for your Croatian sailing holiday is a very ‘beamy’ (wide) boat, which means more room and comfort for you.  You’ll see how ‘wide’ they are when compared to other boats in the marinas. All our boats are well respected in their class and offer the most comfort and exceptional value for money.


CABIN SIZES (4 double bed passenger cabins, total 8 pax):
Booking your cabin is on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. There are 2 of each cabin type:

* AFT cabin x2:  At the back of the boat and are slightly larger than the forward cabins, however you will share a bathroom with the other aft cabin.
* FORWARD cabin x2 : At the front of the boat, and smaller due to the shape of the boat’s hull. You have a private ensuite bathroom with shower in each of these cabins.


When in port, you will have access to the marina bathroom facilities, so we ask that you don’t use the boat’s facilities while in dock. It is strictly prohibited to flush the toilets into the marina areas and any fines imposed on the Captain will be passed on to the clients.