Our Top Picks for Cruise Stops in Croatia

Croatia and its gorgeous islands are best viewed from the vantage point of a cruise ship. 9% of Croatia’s territory is classified as a protected site, so nature lovers and history aficionados will love exploring the ancient cities of Croatia and the country’s unparalleled national parks.

Touring Croatia in a small cruise ship, exploring the beautiful beaches that line the Dalmatian Coast, and visiting the unique Croatia islands that dot the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea will make for an unforgettable sailing trip.

Here at Discover Croatia, we offer an array of different cruise and touring combinations for travellers looking for a memorable experience. Whether you’re interested in and island hopping tour, or Croatia walking tour, our sail options will be sure to meet your needs. Travelers who’ve always wanted to explore Croatia may be wondering what the best ports of call and port towns are in this stunning and beautiful country. Below, we offer our top picks for cruise stops in Croatia.

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What are the most popular months for exploring Croatia?

Two major topographical regions influence the Croatian climate. For one thing, the more mountainous Dinara Region, covered with forests, has an alpine environment. But the Adriatic coastline which you’ll be exploring in Croatia means you’ll get to enjoy a climate of hot, dry summers and cool and snowy winters. The most popular times for sailing in Croatia are the summer months of June and September.

If these are the only times you can book your dream holiday to Croatia, you might be concerned about the crowds. But our small ship Croatia cruises allow for 40 passengers or less. You will not have to deal with large groups and noise when you travel with us.

Also, our experienced crew knows when the big cruise ships will be entering the most popular ports of call, where thousands of passengers will disembark into the cities. When this happens, the streets and favourite tourists destinations can become incredibly crowded. Our crew will know when these cruise ships will be entering the port towns so you can avoid the worst of the crowds when you explore Split or Dubrovnik – Croatia’s largest cities and most historic towns.

Dubrovnik Port of Call

Thousands of people visit the historic town of Dubrovnik every year, and it is one of Croatia’s most popular destinations. The famous city walls of Dubrovnik, which give the city an imposing, fortress-like appearance, are hundreds of years old. It’s possible to tour and walk the city walls once you enter Dubrovnik for the day on one of our cruises and walking tour combos.

Technically, there are two ways to enter Dubrovnik from the Adriatic. Our cruise ship will either dock in the new Port Gruz, which is 1.5 k from the historic center of Dubrovnik.

With the first option, it can be faster to get into Dubrovnik and start exploring. The second option allows you to come ashore at the old port of Dubrovnik near the historic part of the city. Traffic and the overall size of the cruise ship will determine where the ship will enter the port in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik | Discover Croatia Cruises & Tours

Split Port of Call

Smaller cruise ships can easily dock in the Split port of call. The port of Split can connect travelers to some of the most popular island destinations in Croatia – Hvar, Solta, and Brac. The port is located within walking distance of Split’s historic center and the city’s main attractions. Larger ships can anchor in the bay.

Split | Discover Croatia Cruises & Tours

Island of Mljet Port of Call

Port Pomena is the main harbour situated in the northern part of the island and is a port of call for smaller tourist ferries and boats. Mljet is concealed in thick, emerald-green forests and surrounded by the crystalline turquoise waters of the Adriatic. Within the island is an inland lake at the northwestern area of Mljet, and within this lake sits another island. The national park wasn’t established until 1960, which put the Island of Mljet on the Croatian tourist’s map. The island, however, has a history dating back thousands of years. According to legend, the Greek hero Odysseus was said to be captivated by the beauty and tranquility of the island and remained there for seven years. The island is now a popular destination, and visitors will enjoy the clean, unspoiled air and picturesque village of Pomena when they visit the Island of Mljet.

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At Discover Croatia, we offer an array of different tours and cruise options that are sure to meet your needs. The variety of combinations on offer means you can practically build a cruise for you and your loved ones. Touring the stunning nation of Croatia in a small, intimate cruise ship will mean you get to travel in style and comfort. Our cruise ships are designed with your comfort and convenience as a top priority. The majority of the cruise ships have air-conditioning and ensuites in all cabins.

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