Nightlife in Croatia

Looking for a destination that has some of the world’s best nightlife? Croatia is definitely for you!

Whether you’re more of an intense partier, or into something more laid back – Croatia can definitely cater for your nightlife needs! From the capital city of Zagreb, right through to popular Novalja, you’ll find Croatia to be the new and exciting Ibiza!

The easiest way to get around the Dalmatian coast and visit the beautiful Croatian islands is a small ship cruise. Relax on the ship during the mornings and party on shore in the evenings.

Here are some alluring suggestions of places to visit while staying in these respective cities or towns:

NOVALJA on the Island of Pag

Novalja is definitely the place to be for fabulous nightlife in the Mediterranean!

Known for its famous Papaya Day & Night Festival in July, this island has been reported by many as the new Ibiza. It’s no surprise when you go visit and see the breathtaking scenic views and the cocktails in jugs where one thing is for sure when you visit this island – you will enjoy every minute of it – from the day right into the night!

Another location the young are commonly found at during the summer is Kalypso. This beach sport bar allows you to play volleyball in the sand as well as sip on cocktails well into the early hours of the morning. A great combination!

Aquarius, the last of the three most popular places to go to while in Zrce Beach, is a great place to eat, drink, dance, do aerobics and even have some homemade ice cream! What more could you want from a bar?

So you can be rest assured that Novalja will fill your adrenaline needs with bungy jumping and jet skiing, but also keep your heart pumping with its electric atmosphere at three of Croatia’s most popular day and nightspots for partying!

HVAR Island

Hvar – The island off the Dalmatian coast that not only basks in the most hours of Croatia’s sunlight per year, but also attracts a whole lot of partygoers.

Whether it be club Carpe Diem or Veneranda, these two night spots are not for the faint hearted – but rather for those ready to dance til they drop!

Carpe Diem, which is one of the island’s most recognised nightspots, has seen the likes of celebrities such as Eva Longoria, who are up for a night full of excitement, cocktails, and literally seizing the day!

Veneranda on the opposite end, attracts DJs from across the globe such as Tom Novy, Freemasons and David Morales and if you know your DJs, then you know you don’t want to miss a visit to this club! Veneranda consistently has events all throughout the year, meaning it doesn’t matter when you visit Hvar, you can be certain that you WILL have a great night out!

Regardless of which of the two you choose to party at (or both!) you can rest assured that you will be crawling back for more partying (especially next to some of the hot Croatian locals!)!

But if you’re interested in something more laid back while on the island, there are plenty of local bars where you can try some of the Croatian spirits or beers, whilst chatting with the locals and enjoying the relaxing mood that comes with the island.


This city, recognised for its famous city walls, attracts many tourists all year round to different bars and clubs – for both the hardcore partygoers and those that are after a chilled out night enjoying the buzz of this city.

For the jazz music lovers, there is an exceptional place that many usually wind up in, Troubadur, which is located near the Gundulic Square, and offers its crowd a sociable and relaxing environment whilst listening to the soothing sounds of the saxaphone.

The Exit Club or Factory, at the opposite end of the scale, will show you music ranging from classics to house music as well as karaoke and has been said to sell Dubrovnik’s cheapest beer; even more of a reason to go! Another must-visit nightspot in Dubrovnik is the Hemingway Cocktail Lounge. This lounge is situated in the old town and is great for those that are walking the famous city walls and wanting a break to sit down on the comfortable sofas, enjoy a drink and look over the amazing views!

Whilst being within the city walls, why not literally be in a hole in the wall. Yes you read correctly – a hole in the wall! Mala Buza, quite a touristy place, is a great place to go for those one-of-a-kind bar venues that are relaxed but funky in their own way.


One of Croatia’s most gorgeous destinations, Split, has the historical Diocletian’s Palace, which many tourists visit to discover the history behind this magnificent city – however, what resides within this palace are nightspots such as the Ghetto Club and the Red Room.

At the Ghetto Club, walls are enshrined with artist inspired wallpaper giving off a very creative feel, whilst also giving a relaxing ambience at any time of the day. Many locals and tourists are found here kicking back with a beer and enjoying the company of their friends making it a must-go-to location for those wanting to simply loosen up.

However, at the Red Room, some of Europe’s hottest DJs can be found playing the most recent tunes with a quicker tempo, allowing you to dance the night away!

But if you’re after a club on the outskirts of Split, then the Vanilla Club is the place to be. Located near Split’s famous football stadium, this nightspot is more sophisticated and chic and attracts those that are more well-dressed and out on the town for a martini or two.


Rijeka, situated on the Gulf of Kvarner, is where all the young unite to have fun and drink the night away. This vibrant city is known its many nightspots; however one particular place that HAS to be visited while in this city is the Retro Rock Pub, a themed nightspot where many are situated til the early hours of the morning. However, if you’re an energetic party-goer, why not use your energy on the dancefloor at the El Rio. Situated right in the centre of Rijeka, it’s easy to get to a must for those who have packed some dancing shoes!

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, head to Nina, where you will find plenty of dancing (even tap dancing!). This club opened back in 1968, but is still buzzing with party-goers and has such an electrifying atmosphere that you won’t want to leave. What makes this particular club distinctive though is the fact that it is also a gallery with a cinema screen and is a definite popular choice for tourists and locals!


Although it is more known for its picturesque background, Makarska is also known for its partying, with many nightclubs and bars available for the young to buy cheap beers and cocktails, listen to the latest music and experience pure enjoyment.

Why not try something different though and party on a boat cruising along the Makarska riviera with the Akvinta Party Boat. But if you’re after a big night out on the town, Deep dance club is for you. Imagine a club, located in a cave, and perched over the water – that’s exactly what Deep night club will offer you! (How cool is that!). Along with that, expect the latest tunes, as well as a big crowd enjoying the spine-tingling atmosphere!


Known for it’s history, Zadar upholds a reputation for being one of the most beautiful cities along the Dalmatian coast – however, its nightlife is also an important element of this city – especially with such bars and nightclubs as Maraschino – which is packed to the max during the summer months where the young desire to spend their nights enjoying the atmosphere. So too, Zadar in its summer months is renowned for ‘The Garden Festival’, a music festival that goes from the day right into the night and embraces the talents of well-known international DJ’s whilst providing a scenic background.

Soundwave Croatia Music Festival is held in Zadar each year in late July at The Garden, Tisno. Europe’s most friendly boutique festival.

Another one of Zadar’s nightclub successes that has put it on the map for one of the best cities to visit for its nightlife, is the Arsenal. This club, which is also admired for its arts and markets, is a fantastic option for tourists opting to spend a day exploring the history and culture behind Zadar, and moving on into the night to have some drinks and enjoy the party environment.

However, with the exceptional amount of local bars and cafes that are open well into the night – you can be certain that you will always find a place to relax, drink a few shots of Croatia’s most popular spirit, rakija and enjoy a night out.


Zagreb is popularly known for its nightlife, with places such as the Hemingway Lounge Bar, where it is said that the rich and beautiful socialise, and Aquarius, where the latest DJs can be found, that will ensure you have a great night out with friends. However, Tkalciceva Street in Gornji Grad is where you can find fewer tourists and more locals, making you feel more at home while staying in this capital city. With this street’s variety of bar’s and café’s that are buzzing with people who all have one mission – drink, party and not have a worry in the world at any time of the year!

Alternatively, there is also Saloon and Sokol, which are prevalent options for many seeking a wild night out, but if you’re after something a bit different, why not proceed to Tvornica Club. Here, live acts and shows are displayed for all to see, where you can grab one of Croatia’s most popular beers, Karlovacko or Ozujsko, and enjoy the entertainment before you!